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Maryse Rebillot Maryse_Rebillot;marketing coach

Discover your future marketing guide.

A long marketing experience and natural coaching skills.

Brief portrait

Pretty hard to summarize a long professional life in a couple of lines but let’s make a try.

Experience Education
  • 10+ years co-worker for different business sectors
    (IT, cosmetics, private and civilian aviation)
  • 10+ years Hewlett-Packard (B2B)
  • 5 years FAURECIA (automobile)
  • 2 years in French arts & culture
Skills Passions
  • Leadership, Activator of ideas
  • Self-Starter
  • Input bringer
  • Creativity and analytical mind
  • Team Individualization
  • Thirst for learning
  • Communication & Arts
  • Psychology & Neuroscience
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Travel, Culture and Sociology
  • Sport
  • Geopolitics

4 languages: French (mother tongue), English (Proficiency), German (Proficiency), Spanish (Beginner+)

Why marketing guide?

I want to support entrepreneurs in promoting their projects making a changes in their fellow citizens’life.

I have a long experience in the diverse marketing fields. I have contributed to strategic projects for big companies but also SMEs, scale-ups, and startups.

So, why not sharing my experience and skills?

Why ozngo?

This name reflects my values – Boldness. Courage. Creativity. Action. Win-win support.

It is a Frenglish contraction between Ose(dare in French) and GO. How to pronounce? Say OZ and GO. That’s it.

Why me?

It can be summarized in 5 bullet-points:

  • Large set of competencies in marketing and communication
  • Solid international experience with start-ups, SMEs, and large corporations
  • Technology savvy
  • Multicultural, multilingual
  • New Ideas and perspectives Bringer

My philosophy

Different philosophers’ sayings guided my career path and personal life.

Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication, Leonardo da Vinci.

It’s not because things are complicated that we do not dare; it’s because we do not dare that things are complicated, Socrates

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