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Some Projects to inspire you.

Below, you’ll find some key achievements carried out over the past 15 years.

The Prototype of the HP(E) global Customer Intelligence Center of Expertise

  • Initiated and designed from scratch the project, and then deployed it within the EMEA region
  • Coordinated remotely the Customer Intelligence team composed of Business Analysts, IT Experts, and Statisticians
  • Managed the relations with the internal clients – EMEA sales & marketing teams, top management – to ensure their needs were met
  • Organized and run webinars and meetings to “sell” and train stakeholders (salesforce, management, procurement, etc.)

customer intelligence;analytics;HPEProject awarded and audited by HP Headquarters in Palo Alto. Big success with the salesforce.

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The First HP(E) Market Intelligence Portal

  • Developed the vertical industries content with 4 high-skilled business analysts
  • Defined the templates for each service provided
  • Coordinated the project with the related managers in other business units
  • Negotiated with the market data providers to get at best price data that have never been modeled
  • Organized and run webinars and meetings to train the internal stakeholders

MARKET INtelligence;market study;analytics;marketing;HPE

Personal award received. Still in use today.

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Branding & Positioning

Example 1

A Swiss Cosmeceutics JV between a French entrepreneur and a US biotech company, created in 2013, to launch on the cosmetic market products developed from a patented technology worth 120 Mio us$

cosmetic market;branding;corporate ID;logo;image library cosmetic;branding;corporate documentation cosmetic;branding;product documentation

Example 2

A Swiss Ltd company created in 2012 specialized in the certification of ICT integration in private schools, supported by IMD, EPFL and the University of Geneva.

ICT teaching;school;branding;logo;image library;messaging Communication strategy;ICT teaching;school;branding;messaging Corporate documentation;marketing;branding;messaging

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Marketing campaigns

B2B & B2C multi-channel campaign for the State of Geneva

Very challenging project due to the political dimension, the presence of multiple stakeholders, and the technical complexity.

Goal: Push the adoption of the solution by the Geneva citizens and position the State of Geneva as an innovative and ambitious leader

  • Brought my experience of promoting IT solutions & services to B2B and B2C audience
  • Defined HP multi-channel communication plan and coordinate it with the client and the partners
  • Suggested a crisis plan and contributed to have it duly in place
  • Liaise with the different HP units involved (management, engineers, communication, business administration)
  • Wrote and published press releases in liaison with the client
  • Fed the online communication by popularizing technical content



B2B Multi-channel campaign for an IT SMB implemented in 2 countries

Target: SMBs; Goal: Make the Cloud adopted; Objectives: Get an appointment with at least 5 local influential SMBs.

In charge of defining and leading the campaign from end to end.

  • Liaise with the partners
  • Plan and execute the campaign
  • Produce all the materials, online and offline
  • Organize and manage the event

marketing campaigns;direct Emailing;digital;multi-channel

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Social media & Digital Marketing

Grow the online influence of a start-up

One year to exceed objectives.

  • Define objectives & editorial policy
  • Develop stories to tell and assess the existing content to use and update it to reach SEO requirements
  • Develop creative content such as online demo video
  • Won interviews by key market media or influencers during international events
  • Analyze the existing online followers and search influencers
  • Develop SEO/SEM reports with the webmaster

SEO;SEM;analytics;Google;content management;social media

Digital Presence of a Lobbyist, ex-Member of the Swiss Parliament

  • Positioning, lexical field, editorial policy, Corporate ID
  • Setup of the website – platform, hosting, format, configuration, settings
  • Content definition and production – texts, menus, visuals
  • Creation of the profile on the social media

spjs;perrinjaquet;swiss parliament;website;digital marketing

More about this website? Click on the page. [French]

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Video & Podcast Production

Video coordinator for a multinational company

  • Definition of the video editing rules and style guide
  • Planning of the Executives interviews
  • Definition of an animated video – script, dialogues, style, music, voice, etc.
  • Partnership with a UK creative agency

SITA is a multinational company providing 95% of the civilian aviation IT to airports and airlines worldwide.


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