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A marketing generalist can be compared to an orchestra conductor. He doesn’t play how to play all the musical instruments but he knows them well enough to lead all the musicians to play together.

I am a marketing generalist specialized in the definition and management of strategic projects, whether it is for a start-up, SME, or big corporation. Before jumping into a detailed view of the services provided, let’s talk first about the benefits of working with a marketing generalist.

Benefits of working with a marketing generalist for a start-up

I can lay the foundations of the whole marketing services both from a strategy and operational perspective. I can define the direction as well as get my hands “dirty” in the operational work, such as:

  • developing the first mock-up of the website from one agreed WordPress theme OR optimizing the existing website SEO/SEM-wise.
  • creating the editorial policy and producing the content myself.

Need someone able to negotiate and manage third parties such as an independent webmaster for a long-haul mandate or a press agency on punctual mandates? I’m the one you need.

I love as well to get in touch with influencers in the market and develop a community of followers, likers.

One of my biggest talents is to develop relevant content and catchy documentation(s) for investors.

Benefits of working with a marketing generalist for an SME

I can develop or reinforce the entire marketing unit, budget-, strategy- and team-wise with the objective of enlarging the company reputation to the next level. In other words, I can:

  • Refine the marketing and communications strategy according to the sales and growth strategy
  • Build and manage the marketing team with the best-fitted talents
  • Operate tactical and practical tasks such as write, edit, and publish content – text, visual, audio.
  • Develop a network of influencers – journalists, experts, politicians, academics, etc.
  • Create and organize the internal sharing structure and communication tools.
  • Etc.

Benefits of working with a marketing generalist for a big corporation

I can take charge of a cross-unit sales support program. I’m used to matrix organizations and relating to high-skilled people such as Executives and educated salesforce, I have usually very good relations with.

I can explain and report concisely to a Board about an ambitious project with a sharp PPT and relevant speech with the objective of gaining their buy-in and sponsorship.

I have powerful and tenacious powers of persuasion. In other words, I can’t give up when I’m deeply persuaded of the legitimacy of the project I’m leading.

I know how to find the needed resources (money, data, people) and motivate a team to make a decisive contribution.

I’m results-oriented and always set agreed KPIs that will guide our success.

The services provided by a marketing generalist

Let’s explore now the services provided under the umbrella of a marketing generalist like me such as:

Education and skills behind these services.

Digital Marketing


The fundamental but challenging question to answer is to find out the intent of the internet user and prospect in the search process.


Tools or platforms I use to create a list of ideally long-tail keywords for the best SERPs: GoogleTrends for each needed language, Google Search Console, AnswerthePublic, MOZ, WordStream, Ahrefs, SEMrush.

Content Management.

Trello, Buffer or HootSuite.

Hashtag & Arobase

Crisis Management

Top Menu


Google Analytics

Top Menu

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