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ozngo is the go-to-marketing services provider for entrepreneurs at the early stages of their projects. Solid international experience in market research, branding, positioning, and communication to help establish a strong presence in a market and ensure business thrives.

our mission

Help entrepreneurs succeed  game-changer projects
that serve society and empower people, where technology is a virtuous trigger.

Why ozngo

We Dare, We Go,
We Care

  • Large Set of Competencies
  • Creativity, Analytical Mind
  • Multi-lingual, Tech-savvy
  • Passionate, Determined, Agile
  • Practical mind, Strategic Vision

Ose ‘n’ GO 

Committed not only to consulting,
but also to implementing.

GTM Strategy




Business owners’ challenge is often to have at their side a solid right hand matching their values
and able to drive the whole marketing activity from strategy to deployment.