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Landing page, lead-generation, digital marketing, marketing campaign, ChatGPT, AI, inbound marketing, CTA
A well-designed landing page is a powerful tool for capturing leads and converting them into customers. From the structure and layout to the content and CTAs, every element plays a crucial role in maximizing the landing page’s effectiveness. […]
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Finalement, ChatGPT, c’est comme le génie d’Aladin. Il peut satisfaire (presque) tous les vœux mais à la condition de savoir lui parler. Sinon, on risque d’obtenir des résultats moyens, extravagants, nuls ou faux, parfois désopilants. Rappelons-le, ChatGPT est […]
hashtag, arobase, digital marketing, inbound marketing, SEO, SEM, posting, publishing, copywriting, writing, ozngo
Well, you made your first steps on social media, and you are familiar with basic functions – connecting, publishing, sending messages, reacting, etc. But when you publish comments and share posts, are you sure you do it efficiently? […]


La comète ChatGPT a percuté la planète Terre, provoquant une grande confusion. La même que Gutenberg a pu provoquer en son temps. Confusion tout d’abord sur la définition de ChatGPT. Confusion surtout sur son impact dans la société. […]
whatsapp, digital marketing, marryse rebillot, ozngo


WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging platform in the world. One-to-One conversation. Group conversation. Private and Professional usage. WhatsApp is everywhere in our daily life. How to underline or highlight some pieces of your message? How to […]
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