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Hurray! I’m now a Certified Inbound Marketing Ninja.

My name is Maryse, ozngo founder. I’m an experienced Marketer, and precisely because I have this experience, I know how important it is to keep our knowledge up to date, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Technology is constantly evolving.

🧐 Clients’ satisfaction is at the end of the day what matters most. My mission is to bring the best support to entrepreneurs, who already take big risks in launching projects that shake habits and visions up. They need to have a reliable partner at their side,

Last month, I set myself a goal 🎯 Update all my professional certifications. Summer time is a good season for a refresh, right?

I reviewed my list of previously acquired certifications and set an action plan to reinforce it with either certifications I didn’t get yet or update the ones I already got. My first steps were focused on the Inbound Marketing certificate to take and the Digital Marketing one to update.

Why HubSpot Certification?

HubSpot Marketing experts are professionals, who provide excellent content. The courses are well structured and comprehensive. What’s more, they provide statistics on current usage and practices. It’s a great way to get your bearings.


HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

It took me a couple of days to cover the whole program of the course, three to four hours a day.

Tip if you want to pass an online Certificating Training

Even if you can download the PPT file used during the course, make screenshots of the most relevant slides. Why?
👉🏻 You will better remember the content. The brain retains much better lessons or information if they are associated with experience, emotion and action. By being active thorough the training sessions, which are intense, your memory will work at full speed.
👉🏻 As a result, you increase your chance to answer correctly to questions of the exam, all the more if your mother tongue is NOT English.

What’s the content of the Inbound Marketing training course?

As you can imagine, the course cover the latest findings in content strategy, persona definition, A/B testing, marketing automation, customer engagement, etc.

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Digital Marketing Certification

I hold since 2018 a very valuable Digital Marketing Certification from LiveMentor.

LiveMentor Digital Marketing Certification

This 3-month training course was intense, covering all aspects of digital marketing in depth. Social Media strategy and tactics, copywriting and storytelling techniques, SEO/SEM, backlinks, Content management-publishing tools, etc…

☝🏻️☝🏻️☝🏻️ LiveMentor is a French well-renowned training and support organisation for entrepreneurs and freelancers. It has been founded by the dynamic Alexandre Dana.

👉🏻 Si vous êtes un freelancer de langue française et voulez vous sentir en contrôle en marketing digital, OFFREZ-VOUS CETTE FORMATION LiveMentor. Votre investissement sera vite amorti. La formation est complète et très pro. L’équipe est sympa et vous entrerez dans une communauté d’entrepreneurs très aidants.

So, why taking a new HubSpot Digital Marketing certificate? Like already said, technology evolves so fast and so much. I just needed to refresh my knowledge and I DID IT. I got my certificate on July 9th, 2023. 🤩🤩🤩

Some other certificating platforms to consider

coursera (business-oriented), Udemy (technical-oriented). And, of course YouTube, where you can find a lot of “How To” videos

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Get an idea of what we’ve done so far ? In that case, check this page… or this other one.


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