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This Canadian company has been founded in 2017 with the objective of bringing the best-in-class technology of digital marketing to the biggest community of entrepreneurs, who are the independent workers, the shopkeepers, the consultants but also the very small entreprises run by up to 5 people. 

I am an early digital marketer having used almost all the digital marketing tools being developed so far.

When I heard about nowsite for the first time, I was both curious and surprised not to be aware of this solution, which is the very first digital marketing proposition having integrated ChatGPT. 

I made a market study, comparing nowsite to other digital marketing providers regarding the features and the price. I have been so impressed that I decided to become nowsite partner.

An All-in-One solution Easy to Use

Just like the Swiss Army Knife of the digital marketing

  • Build or manage your website with basic competence. 
  • Manage your social media accounts with pre-designed models.
  • Prospect clients by digging into the giant nowsite database.
  • Select your clients as per your targeted market.
  • Prepare/launch/monitor your marketing campaigns.

You read it right.

nowsite integrated since last March Chat GPT4!

For details, watch the video below with a demo by Justin Belobaba, nowsite CEO

Nowsite’s biggest benefit

On the top of technology, nowsite offers an unrivaled support and assistance service.

ALWAYS someone
at your side!

  • No call center
  • No waiting list

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Last but not Least…

nowsite puts at your disposal a database of
2.2 billion
qualified prospects.

You are an Organisation supporting and coaching entrepreneurs and project owners?

You wish to offer them the most adequate digital marketing tool

There is only one thing to do now is to contact me.

We can manage and negotiate a partnership where your protégés could benefit from special conditions.

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