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Enjoy a marketing-communication Generalist

The great trend in marketing & communication has been for years to look for experts in specific fields.

As a result, the profession has become more and more horizontal. 

In large companies, this can be a big advantage.

For smaller companies, it is wiser to outsource these specialists for specific needs.

Independent workers cannot afford them, but a marketing generalist can help there.

For any project, a marketing generalist is ESSENTIAL to coordinate properly the experts’ actions so that the project can progress with respect of time and budget.

Benefits for the project owner

one single contact

Reporting to you. Advising you. Executing for you.
Accountable. Experienced. Reliable. 

budget control

Screening the offers. Negotiating the price and conditions. Managing the partners.   

focus on your core business

At your side, a right-hand person that relieves you from tasks you don’t master, making you save time.

Whether your needs are 

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