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Marketing campaigns

Plan the campaign. Set Objectives/KPIs. Target the audience. Define the channels. Develop content and supports.
Launch. Monitor. Report.

social media

Identify the adequate media. Set Objectives. Connect with Influencers. Develop content & nice models. Plan publishing.
Monitor. Analyse. Report


Define a fitting editorial line. Write relevant leading articles, press releases, documentations, news. Create recurring stories. Use footages & (animated) Videos.


Planning & budget control are key . Venue. Logistics. Speakers. VIPs. Booth. Press. Presentations. Security. Team Management. Online communication.

A Marketing Campaign for an IT SME

Integrated marketing campaign based on 1-2-few events to educate industry leaders on the Cloud technologie

Company of 50 employees, specialized in Data Management and CRM for SMBs and middle-sized firms, in Switzerland and France. SAP Partner.

Goal of the campaign > engage the industry leaders to adopt the cloud solutions.

Objectives: 10 leads

  • Liaise with the partners
  • Plan and execute the campaign
  • Produce all the materials, online and traditional
  • Organize and manage the event
  • ROMI 800%, 14 leads

Do you remember Geneva E-Voting System?

B2B & B2C multi-channel campaign to make voters adopt the solution for real polls:

A very challenging project due to the political dimension, the presence of multiple and diverse stakeholders, and the technical complexity.

Given the solution was the very first ballot system used for real polls,
the whole international communauty was following scrupulously the projet.

Goal: Push the adoption of the solution by the Geneva citizens and position the State of Geneva as an innovative and ambitious leader

Member of the Communication Committee of the E-Voting solution of the Geneva State in charge of the campaign.

The campaign included online and on-site demos with interactive terminals, TV ads, conferences, press points, events, social media communication, etc.

  • Suggested a crisis plan and contributed to have it duly in place, incl. rehearsals.
  • Liaise with the different HP units involved (management, engineers, communication, business administration)
  • Wrote and published press releases in liaison with the client
  • Fed the online communication by popularizing technical content
  • 100,000 users over expectation.
  • Opponents’ action and huge international press coverage mastered.

Digital Marketing for Brand Awareness

A scale-up active in the digitalization of the energy grid. Implemented in Switzerland, Germany and Singapore.

DEPsys has been acquired in 2022 by the Kraken Flex group, as planned by the co-founders.

My mission: Increase awareness both of brand and product.

My strategy: 

  • Increase my knowledge of the audience
  • Define the best editorial line with qualified key-words and hashtags
  • Assess the existing content to be improved SEO-wise and develop new content, incl. success stories and videos.
  • Write relevant articles and news (+100) published on social media as per a plan – in French, English and German
  • Select the most relevant trade-shows to attend
  • Engage with key market influencers and journalists in targeted countries (Switzerland, Germany, Asia)
  • Developed SEO/SEM reporting dashboards

Results achieved in ONE YEAR from 2018 to 2019

  • The followers’ number increased by 250%, and the unique users’ number by 80%
  • Won interviews by key market media or influencers during international events
  • Successfully managed a media agency based in Germany
    (3 people) leading to on-site interviews with specialized journalists. Dozen of press articles in the energy media.

social media, , newsletter, seo, digital marketing, ozngo

Impact on the community and the website trafic

Video Creation

Video or animatic are ideal to showcase a complexe solution

  • Defined the video editing rules and style guide
  • Recorded the key steps of the solution 
  • Defined the scripts and scenarios
  • Embedded the titles and description texts
  • Finalized the layout with an external agency
  • Defined the video editing rules and style guide
  • Set Executives interviews for technical content
  • Defined the animated video – script, dialogues, style, music, voice, etc.
  • Partnership with a UK creative agency

World Summit of Information Society

2003 – Geneva – 11,000 visitors from 175 countries

Purpose: promote IT solutions curing the digital divide, organized under the aegis of Kofi Annan

One of my biggest events I had to lead. Carly Fiorina, HP CEO, was keeping a close eye on this strategic event.

HP Team: 8 people from marketing and technical areas.

Event scope: Booth and demos, HP conferences, VIP 1.2.1 meetings, press management, Logistics (transport, hotel, catering, beverage), website, intranet, reporting. 

  • Take the HP participation to the event back on track in 3 months (team, budget, organization, design, etc.)
  • Numerous visits on booth of PMs, ministers, officials and of course Kofi Annan.
  • Overcame the drastic security rules set by army.
  • ROMI 2400%, 50+ M$ leads collected.
  • Reward for my contribution that made the difference.

Convinced by the talents?


always at your service

Team up with the right partner

 20 years experience in marketing & communication

Multicultural mindset

DNA to initiate/lead complex projects in due time

Large set of competencies

Hgh technology savvy and business acumen

Strong analytical mind along with high creativity

Excellent relations-building skills

Natural result-oriented Leader

Big fan of podcasts about innovation, digital transformation, societal issues, history and geopolitics

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