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20+ years of lead generation  

Prospecting, a detective job using 
 and technical features to reach the people to be served.

+20 years at the side of sales teams & entrepreneurs engraves in the skin the indisputable necessity of:

  • well defining & deploying a fitted lead-generation strategy
  •  keeping you constantly up-to-date with the technologies used in the field. 

At each mission, same ritual and same feeling to play detective to picture who’s behind the mask and how to speak to the audience.

customer portrait

Hierarchize the needs.
Portraying the future customers. 
One goal, establishing genuine and close relationships with human beings.

data mechanics

Understanding the way the engine of marketing campaigns works. Workflows. Segmented lists. Automated Actions. Resources Allocation.

Marketing campaigns & events

Marketing Campaigns are like road-trips.
You need an itinerary with a destination and milestones. Check your Resources & Equipment. Prepare your bags…. and Go!

AI & Prospecting

ChatGPT & AI can help in many ways of prospecting and lead generation. We can list at least 10 areas where AI can really make us save time and reduce significantly efforts. 

  • The article below gives more details about each of these points.
  • If you click on the button “HubSpot – AI to generate Leads”, you will learn more extra-tools enhancing your lead-generation processes.
  • nowsite button leads you to a page with an excellent example of use of AI to increase your conversion rate from prospects to customers.
  • Personalization
  • ChatBot & Virtual Assitant
  • Content recommendation
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Social Media Listening
  • Automated Advertising 
  • Data Cleaning & Enrichment
  • Competition Analysis

Deep Dive in Prospects’ World

Analyzing an audience is like deep-sea diving. You have different levels of knowledge to acquire.

level 1 – global

No need to underline how important it is to grasp the environment in which the people you serve are evolving. Each industry has its own dynamics. Each organization has its own culture and decision-making flows.

level 2 – individual

We don’t prospect customers, but human beings with specific needs at both organizational and invidual levels. Personas are a must to portrait the people we have to serve, whether the business is B2B, B2C or B2G.

level 3 – personal

Authenticiy is Queen to gain trust.
The more you know and respect about the people you serve, the more guenuine your approach will be perceived. 

Customer Segmentation is Key

Customer Segmentation is important for 3 main reasons:

  • PERSONALIZING the communication and the offer to customers, enhancing the customer experience and increasing the engagement rate.
  • EFFICIENCY by focusing the most marketing effort on the most relevant audience leading to the highest conversion rate, highest ROI with the best resource allocation.
  • CUSTOMER RETENTION. If you meet the needs of your primary audience, there is poor chance they will leave you for competition. 

I always keep in mind a Golden Rule to apply for any business. Differentiate the people making the decisions and the people influencing the decision-makers.

Then, I use 3 further levels of criteria:

  • GEOGRAPHY – continent, country, region, city – for logistics, political and legal aspects.
  • INDUSTRY type and segments.
  • COMPANY size, revenues & culture, which affects a lot the decision-making flow.

Once this categorization is made, there is time to go deeper into a more individual level with 3 further criteria – demographic, psychologic and behavioral, 

Why Personas?

Creating personas helps marketing activity in 5 directions.

  • Empathic Marketing with a more adjusted understanding of your customer needs
  • Tailored Marketing enabling personalized messages and actions resonating with needs.
  • Product or Service Improvement thanks to user-experience feedback
  • Customer-Centric approach focused on a client’s view and perspective
  • Consistent Decision-Making enabling to provide your customer with the right response to the right question/issue.

Whether the business is B2B or B2C, business remains humain relationships.

to KEEP IN MIND in any case

All our decisions, whether they concern serious matters or not, are driven by our emotions. We use our left brain – rational – to justify our choice with factual arguments. 

Creating personas is a pleasant exercice to collect data about:

  • DEMOGRAPHICS: age, gender, location, education, income.
  • GOALS & CHALLENGES: primary goals and challenges to achieve them.
  • MOTIVATIONS & VALUES: what drives and influences the decision-making.
  • BEHAVIORS & INTERESTS: patterns, habits and preferences.
  • PREFERRED COMMUNICATION Channels: Email, social media, Phone.

Even More Personal 

Another level of personal information is important to know in order to ensure that sensibilities are not offended and to avoid mistakes and blunders.

  • main traits of personality (intro-/extravert, quiet or expressive, etc.)
  • origin, dreams, motivations, aspirations.
  • lifestyle (married or not, children, friends, passions, sports, residence, etc.)
  • habits and thought patterns, the people they admire, etc.

This is the exploration part I enjoy the most. Tacking the psychological and behavioral questions about the priviledged interlocutors. They help a lot fine-tune the communication – style, tone and the most convenient timeframe to send a message.  

Other behavioral aspects are interesting to note:

  • purchasing habits in terms of frequency, pricing, support (online vs. shops)
  • loyalty level (volatile vs. loyal)
  • engagement level and style
  • etc.

All this information enable to deliver the right message to the right person in the right way at the right time for him/her, and through the right channel.

Sleeves Up in the Data Mechanics


Data Integrity. Smooth Operations. Performance. 

These are the challenges of Database Management.

5 Must-Haves
  • Data Redundancy and Error Handling mechanisms
  • Data Normalization System to ensure consistency. 
  • Automated Monitoring and Alerting
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Version Control
5 Traps to avoid
  • Lack of regular Backups
  • Ignoring Data Validation and Sanitization
  • Poor Indexing and Query Optimization to avoid system slowdowns
  • Inadequate Security Measures
  • Neglecting Database Maintenance.
Database, Data management, Lead generation, digital marketing, inbound marketing, marketing automation

There’s nothing better than a good example to illustrate a point about the importance of a good database management.
Below an anonymized Case Study you can read and download.

Database Management, Automated Tasks, Data hygien, digital marketing, inbound marketing, marketing automation

Marketing Automation

On the opposite image, you have a non-exhaustive list of repetitive tasks that can be automated in a database. They mainly concern the database management. Security. Performance. Accessibility.

On the Marketing side, many tasks are automated inevitably too. 

Some automated tasks depend on the objectives to be achieved and the lead scoring attributed. However, all the tasks related to lead nurturing, customer engagement and optimization of marketing efforts are commonly automated in a database.

15 automated marketing tasks commonly performed

Emails Marketing Campaigns

Lead Nurturing Workflows

Segmented Email Lists

Social Media

Lead Scoring & Qualitfication

Landing Pages

Welcome, Thank You, Reminder, 
Follow-Up, etc.

Delivery pre-defined content for pre- defined behavior or interest.

built on pre-defined criteria (geography, role, demograpchics, etc.)

Thanks to a pre-defined schedule based on the best-time publishing statistics.

assessing lead quality and prioritizing the marketing efforts

with automated lead capture forms. (*) 

(*) with ChatGPT, you can even create an entire automated landing page (structure, content – text, visuals, CTAs, etc.)

Personalized Content Recommendations

Dynamic Content

Webinars & Events

Lead Alerts

Lead Attribution

A/B Testing

Drip Campaigns

Lead Source Tracking

Surveys & Feedback Requests

Suggestions made according to behaviors or choices made by the prospect

Display dynamic content on websites or Emails based on prospects preferences, behaviors or interests.

Automated registration and reminders

Notifications to the Sales Teams when the prospects take a specific action

Attribution models to track performance of marketing campaigns

to improve CTAs, landing pages, etc.

Series of pre-scheduled Emails to Leads with relevant content to keep in touch

Track the sources leading the visitors to the website or landing pages

Gathering insights after interacting with the leads or customers, which improve the marketing strategy.

marketing campaigns, lead generation, digital marketing, inbound marketing

Marketing Campaigns? On the road again… Again

A successful marketing campaign is like Genius, 1% Talent, 99% Hard Work.

Point NUMBER ONE is to set a goal. SMART.

If you don’t know where you go, you will never reach a destination.

marketing campaign, lead generation, digital marketing, in bound marketing, customer, conversion rate

Get (well) Prepared

While you define your destination, you define the WHY of it. You will never go to a place you have no interest in. Question of common sense. 

Then, when your destination is defined, you can focus on HOW to go there. 

  • you will identify the material you will need. You won’t be equipped the same way if you go to True North or central Africa.
  • you will estimate the timeline needed to reach your goal. 
  • you will draw the best itinerary to follow.
  • you will calculate your budget and evaluate the talents you need. 
  • you will elaborate tools to measure your progress
  • etc. etc.
lead generation, marketing campaign, digital marketing, inbound marketing

Assessment is King

Whatever the goal of a campaign is, the first step I take before developing anything new is to assess what already exists in terms of:

  • marketing material (documentation, case studies, success stories, ID elements, website, social media, etc.)
  • content (text, visuals, videos, etc.)
  • resources (budget, team skills)
  • tools (templates, forms, questionnaires, etc.)
  • etc.

Once you know your starting point, you can elaborate your plan to the destination. A 13-Step journey over 3 or 6 months. 

Marketing Campaigns are a Perpetual Movement

The mechanics are a jewel of precision, where all the elements are interconnected. A slight shift at a certain point can distort the whole trajectory.

The outcome of online quizzes & polls feeds topics of Live Events or the subject of a demo in a workshop. Vice-versa, a question raised during an Event or a Workshop or even a chat on WhatsApp can lead to a quizz/poll. 

Direct Emails or Newsletters are fed by the happenings, online OR during trade-shows, plus the analysis of the outcome of surveys by an industry influencer. 

A Whitepaper can be inspired by chats during events or on WhatsApp. 

The Landing pages on the website are optimized with the inputs collected over the campaign. 

Importance of a Dashboard

 We have at least twentyish indicators to monitor. The progress of the marketing campaign is watched like milk on the fire, as my grand-mother would say. 

Three Key points to measure the success

Of the 15 points usually listed to measure the success of a marketing campaign, I would highlight the THREE major ones in my eyes.

  • Conversion Rate = how much the campaign resonated with the audience. 
  • ROI or ROMI = profitability of the campaign.
  • CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) = efficiency in acquiring new customers.

No Time to Waste to Unleash your business Potential

You have a game-changing project to launch or boost to the next level?
You need advice and/or someone to support you in executing marketing? 

Photo Gallery

Events, whether they are trade-shows or conferences, are pillars in marketing campaigns. 

A simple reason. They are IRL. We, as gregarious human beings, need this physical connection. 
Pleasure to meet people. Pleasure to share, to showcase, to exchange. Face-to-Face.

Below, some of my most exciting experiences over the time. It was hard to pick amongst all the events I organized.

World Summit on Information Society.

WSIS’ purpose is to promote IT solutions curing the Digital Divide. It was organized by ITU under the aegis of the sadly departed Kofi Annan. 

I had the extreme privilege of taking part to the very first edition of this E-Gov Event that took place in Geneva in 2003. From this date, WSIS takes place every 2 year in various locations in the world. The latest edition was on last March. 

2003 Edition > 11,000 visitors from 175 countries. Participants included Senior Officials, Prime Ministers, Secretaries of State, etc.

My role

My role was simple but far not easy. I had to lead the HP team spread over 3 continents – Europe, USA, India. Ensure everybody is progressing at the same pace in the same direction with  the same message but with a very limited budget. 

the challenges

One of the biggest challenges the HP Team and I had to face was the drastic security rules set by army to protect all the officials.

The other difficulty was the political aspect within HP. We had a Damocles sword over our heads with HP CEO in Palo Alto keeping a sharp eye on the project.

Despite all these constraints, the team has beaten of the odds in terms of lead-generation with a 50+M US$ leads identified through demos on booth, HP conferences, 1-2-1 VIP meetings, press conference, etc.

Exceptional ROMI > 2,400%

This is an extraordinary project, the kind of those you come across maybe once in your life. A game-changing solution at the heart of democracy, where people will express for the very first time ever their vote electronically.

Reminder: we are in 2003 (again!). Robert Hensler, Chancelor of Geneva State , sees the internet voting as a great democratic advance for his Canton to be considered as a pioneer.

HP has been selected to develop the solution. Imagine, an American company serving Swiss Voters! But at that time Silicon Valley was the bubly cradle of High-Tech.

For HP, this project was a fantastic opportunity to showcase its innovation power, the same that animated Bill Hewlett and David Packard when they created the company in a famous garage you can visit by the way.

My role

As the Regional Marketing Manager, I was appointed as Communication Co-ordinator to represent HP at the Communication Committee of the Geneva State dedicated to this project. My role was also to support with my skills the Marketing efforts for the so challenging B2C-B2G campaign.

The campaign was focused on two directions:

  •  B2C: TV reports, Demo Kiosks in shopping malls and administrative centers, flyers, online videos to explain the features of the system, social media messages to answer questions.
  • B2G: conferences, presentations, reports, whitepapers, videos, events, social media posts and groups.  

Of course, a crisis plan was a must for this campaign. 

FOUR main challenges
  • Gain Trust of Geneva citizens about the efficiency, security, and confidentiality of the system;
  • Master the opponents’ and detractors’ actions against the solution;
  • Master the huge international press coverage;
  • Coordinate the project with the Federal authorities in order to ensure homogeinity amongst other E-voting solutions developed in other cantons, plus check the respect of the Federal laws. 

Pressure may stimulate the spirits? All the efforts of the joint Team led to amazing results:

  • 100,000+ users over expectations (we were close to server crash)
  • detractors and opponents under control
  • Geneva Canton and project covered by press all over the world

A more recent event, this time. We are in 2018. November. Wien in Austria. I joined DEPsys two months ago. 

ENLIT is THE big event in the energy sector. DEPsys is a Swiss scale-up, whose core business is to digitalize the power grids in Europe, Asia and Nordics. 

DEPsys presence at Europe ENLIT trade-show has been planed for months. I jumped on the bandwagon, like we say. 

My role

My focus is Brand Awareness. My Strength is Digital Communication. I give an hand to the marketing team in that field. 

I take in charge the communication in the social media. LinkedIn & Twitter. I spotted Energy Groups on LinkedIn, one very active key influencer on Twitter.

the challenges

DEPsys faced TWO big market challenges:

  • make awareness on its solution in a market under big pressure – cost optimization, climage change, due diligence, efficiency.
  • the industry dynamics are slow. Decisions take long time to be made.

My challenge was simple. I must act as I would perfectly know the energy market, which was not the case. I had to learn everything, while communicating.

On site in Wien, while twitting, I follow the influencer who publishes a lot of posts about what he notes in terms of innovation, what he thinks about some strategies, etc. 

I ping him from the booth with a teasing message, inviting him to join us for a demo. One hour later, he is on booth. Fortunately, DEPsys CTO was there to make the show, that the influencer filmed with his device.

Some days later, the influencer published the video on his webpage and on his Twitter Timeline. A first step to a collaboration.

I could have mention many other experiences like:

  • Telecom where I met Carly Fiorina, HP CEO at that time.
  • a Customer Advisor Board series with CxOs of big Corporations with their European HQ in Switzerland
  • an Event co-organized with Chambers of Commerce to educate CxOs about Cloud Technology in 2013
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