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We Dare  We Go, We Care

What does it mean?

  • Your Project is Our Project. They are not only words.
  • We are fully Committed.
  • We consider ourselves as integral part of Your Team.
  • We invest Our Time, Competencies, Energy for Your Project.

That’s why we carefully select the projects, we decide to get involved in.

We privilege Meaning over Money.

We pick game-changer projects that serve society and empower people, where technology is a virtuous trigger.


audacity, boldness, courage, digital marketing, inbound marketing, strategy, creativity, marketing campaign, marketing automation, chatGPT

Name ozngo?

Originally, it’s a FrEnglish contraction

Oz= Ose = Dare in French + GO!

But… why not the English way with…

Wizard of Oz + GO!

Our Values

Boldness. Trust. Integrity

Boldness for
Positive Energy

Trust for
Sweet Feeling

Integrity for
Full Respect

Agile and passionate

  • Early Digital Marketer
  • Storyteller
  • Analytics-lover
  • Creative Initiator
  • Team Leader

  • IT-High Tech applied to industries
  • Aviation, both civilian and private
  • Automotive
  • Biotech
  • Public Sector
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Market Studies & Competitive Analysis
  • Branding, Positioning, Messaging
  • Digital Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing, Content Mgt
  • Communication Strategy
  • Presentations & Documentations
  • PR, Media Relations
  • Event Management

ozngo is also nowsite Partner.

nowsite is a Canadian company founded in 2017 that developed an amazing digital marketing platform specially conceived for freelancers and very small teams.

nowsite’s solution changes their life. Guaranteed.

Special conditions for organisations supporting and coaching entrepreneurs to define their business project scope.

  • Leadership
  • Resourseful Self-starter
  • Input Bringer
  • Activator of Ideas
  • Creativity & Analytical mind
  • WrIting-Lover
  • Team Motivator
  • Relations Builder
  • Coach of individuals
  • Crisis Moderator

  • International Executive Marketing, iNSEAD
  • Viral Marketing, University of Pennsylvania
  • Leadership through Emotional Intelligence, Case Western Reserve University
  • Digital Marketing Certification, LiveMentor
  • Inbound Marketing Certification, HubSpot
  • Copywriting in German certification, TextAkademie
  • CRM & Audit Value, UNIGE

  • +10 years as an independent marketing sparring partner for entrepreneurs active in diverse industries
  • +10 years in IT at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (Infrastructure, Software, Services)
  • 5 years at FaurEcia (Automotive market)
  • 2 years in the Entertainement industry (movie, video)
  • Arts & Communication
  • Psychology & Sociology
  • Innovation
  • Geopolitics & History
  • Travel, Culture, People
  • Outdoor sports
  • Board Games

We can work with you in…

Native Language

Langue Maternelle

Full  Professional Profeciency

Close to Native


Berufliche Fachbeherrschung


Buenos conocimientos del idioma

What matters in a partnership

Right skills & Competencies

Positive Mindset

Honest communication

Excellent Organisation

Resonates with you?

ozngo Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Lucio Furlani
Lucio furlani

Highly skilled and dedicated marketer, delivering not only very good quality services but also engaging very with sales teams in a very effictive way.
I appreciated the broad experience and capacity to work remotely  with off-shore and Third Party teams.

Gilles Ruffieux
gilles rufieux

J’ai prĂ©sentĂ© mon projet Qibut. Il a Ă©tĂ© compris très rapidement, identifiant les points forts et les points faibles de mon concept très innovant  Des idĂ©es concrètes et prĂ©cises ont Ă©tĂ© apportĂ©es pour en palier les faiblesses et amĂ©liorer sa prĂ©sentation pour une meilleure persuasion.

Jean-Paul Clemente
jean-paul clemente

A strong leadership has been demonstrated from the moment my critical international project has been taken in charge. With a limited budget, a very professional and efficient presentation platform has been created, enabling many people of different backgrounds work in the same direction with the same message.

Stéphoane Ledermann
stephane ledermann

From the very beginning, I appreciated the capacity to grasp very quickly the business stakes. Top quality services were delivered promptely thanks a result-oriented mindset and a strong experience. 

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