nowsite has been founded in 2017. Its purpose is to bring at the best price the best-in-class technology of digital marketing to the biggest community of entrepreneurs in the world, i.e.

Freelancers, Solopreneurs, Shopkeepers, Consultants, Service Providers, etc.

nowsite developed a digital marketing platform especially conceived for them.

  • 60,000+ users, worldwide
  • Solution available in 20+ languages
  • nowsite ranked in the top10 of the most performing companies in Canada with 3,000% annual growth

The first digital marketing solution to integrate
ChatGPT4 in the world


The CEO’s Vision

Justin Belobaba is nowsite CEO and Founder.

January 2023, ChatGPT4 was integrated in nowsite platform. He took this opportunity to share in a 20′ video presentation: 

  • his vision of the digital challenges for independent entrepreneurs
  • why nowsite is unique
  • what he wants to achieve over the next 3 years 

Watch, learn and Enjoy.

Why ozngo partnered with nowsite

At ozngo, we have used almost all the digital marketing tools being developed so far. 

When we have been approached by nowsite, we had never heard about the solution. But quickly, we have been amazed by its features and the extent of the support services.

We made a market study, comparing nowsite with other digital marketing solution providers. We checked the prices, the offers, the features and the SLAs.

nowsite is the best
Value for Money Digital Marketing Solution

The 3 Key Assets of nowsite Solution


every freelancer and independent entrepreneur should benefit from.

An Affordable game-changer Solution

nowsite invests every year 15M$ in R&D to ensure the solution provides state-of-the-art technologies.  
As a result, nowsite offers powerful features that are constantly improved. Latest integration, ChatGPT4.
But nowsite takes extra care to stick to their wish to be the Best Value for Money solution.

Secure Database of 2.2 Billion Profiled Prospects

Every year, nowsite invests 15M$ in acquiring safe databases from official and secure sources. 

These highly detailed data enable nowsite users to set up target-profiled marketing campaigns, i.e. including each prospect’s personality. Each contact file is close to persona.

Unrivalled Support Services

No waiting list. No call center. But a team of motivated affiliates and marketing experts are at entrepreneurs’ diposal through multiple channels.

Guaranteed response in 1 HOUR.

With nowsite, an entrepreneur never feels alone.

Can you believe it?

supporting, training, coaching entrepreneurs?

Why nowsite is worth considering

You are a private company or an organisation, whose mission is to help business project owners to make their dream of starting a new business a reality. 

You want to offer the best support and the best tools to market their offer.

FOUR REASONS WHY you must consider a partnerhip with nowsite.


The partnership gives your protégés the most competitive prices on the market. 

avant-gardist reputation

nowsite is the 1st platform to integrate ChatGPT4.  What about your image of a player on the lookout for new marketing tools?


What if you could reach out new project owners in your region from the 2.2 billion contact database.

Best entrepreneurs-carer

nowsite is conceived for freelancers and small team. This will strengthen your position of a best-supportive entrepreneurs-carer

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