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ai-powered crm system

When prospecting becomes easy

15M$ invested every year to provide a secure and up-to-date database,
ensuring freelancers and entrepreneurs can reach properly safe profiled contacts.

You had a Dream

While you’re sleeping, a machine would:

  • find your best prospects based on the criteria you selected
  • compose a personalised message to each prospect with the Right Tone.
  • send them the message at the Right Time and through their Preferred Channel.

nowsite can do it. Yes.

Database Features

Some Technical Information


The THREE main sources of the database are:

  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Meta (Facebook, Instagram) 

For nowsite users, it means secure data that fully complies with data privacy regulations.

The database is updated in an ongoing way.

Data Management

The Data Management system is Mongo DB, an open-source technology recognised by Gartner.

The Data Storage and Synchronization are provided by MS Azure.

Entrepreneurs can be assured of the reliability of the technology that runs the database.

CRM is a nowsite proprietary.-system.

Profiled Contacts List

You have confirmed the criteria suggested by the system.
Then, it generates automatically a list of contact files matching the criteria.

1 – Standard Information

Each contact flie provides standard information about the prospect.

  • contact details
  • age, gender
  • education
  • profession, position and title
  • centers of interest
  • etc.

2 – Personality Analysis

nowsite goes further thanks to ChatGPT. The system is able to provide a first personality analysis describing:

  • the main traits of the character
  • the values of the contact
  • the tone and style the contact like to be reached
  • the preferred channel of communication
  • etc.

3 – Tailor-made Communication

Based on:

  • the information you provided (Email topic, objective, expected outcome, ….)
  • the personality analysis
  • the type of channel

The system will propose a tailor-made message  ready to be sent to each of the listed contacts.

Don’t forget, if you have any issues with how to use the solution, if you’re stuck, a team is around for help 

Convinced? Intrigued? 

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