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Being a Master in Digital Marketing means above all knowing how you surround yourself
with the right experts in each area covered by this fine science.

Even more now with the emergence of ChatGPT.


Building a website is like building a house. An E-House that marks your online presence and hosts your value proposition. 
Foundations are key. Structure. Navigation. Content. Format.

social media

Identify adequate media for your business. Define the best communication strategy. Develop the right content and publish it at the right time for the right people. Set KPIs to track towards success.


Create powerful tailored content based on a SEO-oriented editorial line supporting the brand’s message at each phase of the customer journey., with only ONE watchword. Engage.


Organize and nurture an efficient workflow to lead smoothly through different channels your future clients towards purchase and loyalty. Make them evangelists of your brand.

ChatGPT & AI @ the heart of your concerns?

Grasping the potential.
Anticipating the impact.
Learning how to best use the tools.

3 must-click Links

Example of how ChatGPT is integrated
into a one-stop digital marketing solution. Wow effet guaranteed.

Build a website in 30”. Find in a few clicks a list of best-profiled prospects, and send them a tailored message at the right time via their right channel

A list of interviews by Jordan Wilson to help everybody learn and leverage AI
Great Stuff worth watching & listening to.

Videos. Newsletter. Podcasts. Daily.
AI & LinkedIn. Ai & Sales. ChatGPT vs. Bard. AI & your money. AI & Business Launch, etc. etc.

Pick the AI expert(s) matching your professional needs, check the content and bookmark his/her page

How to stay up-to-date about ChatGPT & AI news and best-practices? Following experts focused on specific fields (marketing, finance, etc.) can help.

From an Influencing Platform to a Consulting platform 

Setting up a politician’s website is like having her image and reputation in your hands. Not only once but at each stage of her activity, including when she changes profession.

Marketing-wise, you keep in mind you have 15” to catch visitors’ attention when they land on your website.

Poor room for error. 

A complex interactive website promoting a politician program…

  • Web traffic: 2,000+ unique users per month
  •  Sessions # on home page: avg. 1,800 a day
  • Bounce Rate: avg. 25%

… to transform into a Consulting Window

A few years ago, the politician changed her ways. She wanted to put her political know-how to work serving the leaders. Help them better:

  • approach the political world for stronger support (codes are different from business ones)
  •  build a powerful speech & speak in public
  • manage journalists’ interviews
  • sell your skills to an Executive. 

The Challenge

Simplify the website in look-&-fill with a new brand and messaging matching the new mission without losing the flavour of her personality. Tiny detail >> The job was made by only TWO guys. Myself and a webmaster. 

The Job

  • Created the website identity (WP theme, colors, fonts, visuals)
  • Built the website structure and architecture (CSS, navigation, menus, etc.)
  • Transfer the website elements and database into the new hosting platform
  • Created the tagline (Make the Difference) to cover all the services provided
  • Developed the content based on a fine SEO-analysis and respecting the web performance

Brand Awareness in Energy

Making a brand (and/or product) more visible on a market is a challenge in itself.

If you have to educate your audience on the merits and urgency to adopt services like yours, you add an extra level of complexity.

It was the case with DEPsys, which had to convince the DSOs (Distribution System Operators) about the urgency to digitise their power grids. 

A Brand Awareness strategy is based on fine-tuned branding and positioning work, where the personality and the differentiators are clearly defined.

You measure the success of a Brand Awareness strategy with different KPIs like the evolution of the number of followers, the evolution of the web traffic, but also the engagement level of the audience. 

Below a sneak peek of a first big achievement. Skyrocketing the number of followers, and the first results were visible already after three months.

Below, how I proceeded.

DEPsys, Kraken, energy, digitalization, marketing, digital marketing, inbound marketing, social media, paid ad, content management, content strategy

A Swiss scale-up active in digitalizing the energy distribution grids. 

50ish people spread in offices in Switzerland, Germany, and Singapore.

Was acquired in 2022 by

Define the strategy

Once USP and positioning are clear up, the first step is to define SMART goals. If you don’t know where you’re heading to, you don’t go far.

Ahrefs and SEMrush are good tools to evaluate where you start from. In DEPsys case, they confirm my assumption.

  • Poor web traffic (bounce rate far too high-over 50%, unstable time spent, poor rate of returning visitors)
  • Poor  web authority (poor Domain Rate, poor backlinks)

But that’s why they hired me, right?

My strategy was then to focus on content creation and backlinks, mainly with key influencers.

depsys, energy, digitalization, digital marketing, inbound marketing, ahrefs, backlinks, strategy

Creating personas in B2B is equally important as it is in B2C. Business relationships are HUMAN relationships.

  • A role corresponds to a certain personality type
  •  A role implies responsibilities and constraints, different from one company to the other
  • Background, age, culture, and environment influence decision-making
  • Etc. etc.

My objective was to identify what to say to the right person, how to say it, and when to say it.

In this task, my chats with the sales and technical teams were helpful. They were constantly in touch with clients to develop personalised solutions and features.

Communication Channels

B2B most fitted online communication channels are LinkedIn, Twitter (so far in 2023), and YouTube.

  • LinkedIn > find prospects and echo through profiles and groups
  • Twitter > find/follow influencers and competitors
  • YouTube > showcase the added value brought

Complementary tools are needed to explore influencers. Buzzsumo, SEMrush for instance.

Ad or Not Ad

The answer to the question was easy. The marketing budget was so tight that we agreed to postpone any paid ad campaigns later on. 

Content as a Keystone

Three first steps to tackle this masterpiece, and before producing anything.

  • Audit the existing content published (topic, category, format, impact on engagement, etc.)

  • Audit industry- & brand-related keywords, including long tail for each geo concerned (Switzerland, Germany, UK, Singapore, China, Japan, etc.)

  • Define an editorial line based on 3 major topics (developed in a variety of subjects and angles) that will include the SEO constraints (qualified hashtags, keywords per communication channel.

Content Creation ToolBox

We have a saying in French. “We can tell a good craftsman by his tools”. This adage also applies to Digital Marketing.

The essential tools to have in a digital marketer toolbox are basically:

  • Templates (posts, vignettes, news, videos, etc.)
  • Production and Publication Calendar
  • Table of the best publishing time (day & hour) for each platform
  • Marketing Sharing platform (Trello in this case)
  • Visuals library
  • Internal Collaborative platform (Slack)
  • a “How-To-Best-Engage” best-practices guide for the team 

This last point inspired me to write the post “how to use hashtags and arobases”. 

Deep-Dive in Social Media

The most powerful way to reach out to people

Each media has its own audience, rules, dynamics, benefits and constraints.

The Golden rule is as usual to identify what you are looking for and what you want to achieve. 

Another Queen Rule is to properly plan the publication of the content depending on the dynamics of each platform used but also on the company activity (events, marketing campaigns, news, awards, etc.)

Below, an excellent article by sproutsocial about the best timing for publishing.

Gems of social media, the Influencers

Another great benefit of social media is they enable you to reach thought leaders and influencers, who are not immediately accessible through your own business network.

For DEPsys, I initiated and developed relationships with some of them, I found on Twitter or LinkedIn. Then, I arranged meetings with them at industry events and conferences, where DEPsys had a booth.

Click on the button below to learn how a meeting could be initiated with an influencer you never met but only share some posts on the social media.

Situation after 3 months of intense weekly content publishing, respecting the publication best-time scheduled in Buffer. 

  • The number of followers increased by 80+%
  • Views peaks of 4+/5+ digit reached 
  • Engagement rate: 850+% (Like, Share, Comment cumulated)
  •  100% traffic increase on the website with a growing rate for Germany, where a new office had just been opened. 

Reporting has been introduced from January 2019 – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly – with templates, workflows, and dashboards. 

A Great Achievement

DEPsys adventure ended with a result I’m proud of. Of course, not everything is perfect but the goals were reached and the challenge was met.

  • DEPsys Brand was much more visible on the marketi
  • GridEye, their flagship solution was known among DSOs (Distribution Systems Operators), the clients.
  • The marketing department could be developed with solid foundations (tools, results, processes, material)

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