nowsite Solution Overview

Specially conceived for independent entrepreneurs and freelancers, the one-stop-shop digital platform meets all their needs in terms of online presence. 

  • Existing
  • Showcasing
  • Prospecting
  • Communicating

4 powerful Features 

ChatGPT4 flows into every module of nowsite platform, maximising their performance
and making the solution more than intuitive to use

Internet- CRM – Marketing Automation – Social Media

Build a Website in 30”

Profile Prospecting

Unlimited Social Media

Voice-controlled system

Build a Website in 30”

30” to have a solid foundation of a highly professional website. 
Structure + Content. You just have to customize it. 

Weeks of Work Saved!

The system can also help refine your brand ID elements – colors, fonts, tone.

How is it possible?  

  • You define your business 
  • You describe your products
  • You choose the tone you want to give
  • Your provide the name of your company

That’s it!

Can’t believe it? 

You have already a website?
nowsite can be a great help. How?

nowsite enables you to manage from ONE SINGLE PLATFORM your whole online activity.

Intuitive Profiled Prospecting

in a Few Clicks and 2 Steps

STEP 1 – Find the Prospects

You must do ONLY TWO THINGS:

  • Pick your business profile
  • Select the criteria matching your target

That’s it!

nowsite composes the list of best prospects from its up-to-date database of 2.2 billion of contacts. Automatically.

STEP 2 – Personalised Emailing

Once your list of prospects is ready, your job is to get in touch with each of them.

Not the usual way with a message, where only the name and the gender change.

nowsite goes further.

Thanks to a personality analysis of each contact file, nowsite can suggest a TAILOR-MADE message to EACH PROSPECT.

unlimited social media

Engage your Audience Everywhere 

You can manage an unlimited number of social media accounts. Publications. Advertisement. Posting.

  • 15,000 posts per month
  • 10 publication templates
  • Unlimited text-scripts
  • Giant royalty-free Image/Video Library
  • Advertising Assistant

This module is currently put through ChatGPT4 mill.

Your Mobile as a Commercial Assistant

Voice-Activated System to compose Posts, Emails, Titles, Messages, etc.

Wherever you are, you can communicate with your contact network.

  • Send Emails to One, a Few, or Many contacts
  • Write, Edit and publish Posts
  • Refine the title of a web-page
  • Find an original pitch
  • Compose any personalised message
  • Etc. etc.

Just from your voice!

nowsite is the Best Value for Money digital marketing solution for freelancers. 

What does it mean? 

nowsite offers the BEST COMPROMISE between

Freelancers & independent entrepreneurs need a marketing tool that reflects who they are.

  • A handy and simple solution
  • An accessible price
  • An efficient tool

nowsite offers 2 options BUT with the SAME LEVEL OF SUPPORT SERVICES.

  • 49€/mth Basic option
    (No access to the database)

  • 99€/mth Full option


is nowsite retention rate

In other words, only 2% of clients unsubscribe

mentoring, coaching, entrepreneurs, AI, ChatGPT4, digital marketing, nowsite, ozngo

You are an organisation supporting, mentoring and training entrepreneurs, business project owners?

ozngo has a special offer for you.

  • ultra-competitive prices for the entrepreneurs you help
  • Free access to nowsite prospect database of 2.2 billion profiled contacts

Wherever you are.  Whoever you help. 

OZNGO – bold marketing 

Passionate Early Marketer
taking Entrepreneurs’ projects
to the next level

I work ONLY with ethical entrepreneurs initiating international projects serving society and empowering people.

  • Creative Self-Starter with an Analytical Mind
  • Large Set of Competencies
  • MultiCultural
  • Committed not only to consulting, but also to implementing.

Have such a project? Tempted by the approach?

marketing digital, maryse Rebillot
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