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WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging platform in the world. One-to-One conversation. Group conversation. Private and Professional usage. WhatsApp is everywhere in our daily life. How to underline or highlight some pieces of your message? How to ensure you draw the needed attention to your messages, on the key points of it? Here is a summary you can bookmark.

The ozngo community, composed by clients and marketing/technical partners, uses WhatsApp every day. I’ve observed through my exchanges and even simple meetings, that a lot of people are unaware of the platform’s potential and its features, which are constantly being improved.

👉🏻 Hence this post, to share the basics and the advanced features (scheduling messages, autoresponder).

The basics in WhatsApp Typo


Text in Bold Type * before and after the text without space
Text in Italic Type _(underscore) just before and after the text without space
Text underlined Browse “underline text generator”, pick anyone on the list provided, type your text in the field, copy the underlined version et paste it in WhatsApp
Strikethrough Text Add ~ (tilde) before and after the text without space

Changing Fonts

You have different ways to change the fond of your WhatsApp messages.

The easiest way

Download third party apps, like:

With the latest versions of the app, you can even change the font of your messages.

The old (but always practical) way

There are online pages where you can change the font of your messages. You just have to go to them. Take the example below.

  1. Browse WhatsApp Font Generator.
  2. Type your text.
  3. Click on the font you like, and paste in WhatsApp.

👉🏻 If you need a tuto, watch this video summarizing all these tips.

article? 👇🏻

How to best use # and @ in your communication in social media

More Features on WhatsApp

Scheduling Messages

Imagine, you don’t want to miss wishing your mom’s birthday. Or on the professional side, you want to schedule messages to multiple customers or prospects… Easy. There’s an app.

Skedit is the most popular – for Ios and Android.

👉🏻 Check this article to learn how to setup the app and how to best use it.


You’re not available for a certain period time, and want your contacts to be informed when you’re back OR who else to contact in case of urgent request?

Here is another very useful app. 👇🏻

AutoResponder for Android and Ios. The app is also configured for Messenger, Instagram, Signal and Viber.

👉🏻 Note: If you use WhatsApp Business, you don’t need to download the external app. If you have an iPhone, AutoResponder is avalable only with WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp & Facebook + Instagram + YouTube

You have a business page on Facebook, Instagram and/or YouTube? Want to effectively engage your visitors to get in touch with you either by sending a message or calling you on WhatsApp?

You can add a WhatsApp button on your pages. Check this page to learn how to proceed on each platform.

These features make our life much easier, yes.

Our responsibility is to ensure NOT to be addicted to our mobile.

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